The Importance of Oil

Ridderman Oil provides Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and surrounding areas with premium oil

Engine oil provides three essential purposes in a combustion engine (big and small). It helps keep engine components working smoothly together as well as draw heat away from the combustion chamber. It also prevents carbon and varnishes from accumulating in the engine. Long story short- it’s vital and a combustion engine would not be able to operate it without it!

Our Brands:

Because it’s so important, Ridderman Oil only works with the highest quality brands of lubricant in the industry. We proudly feature oils from:

• Kendall®
• Conoco®
• Gulf®
• ProGuard®
• Rite Lube, and more

We supply fuel for a wide variety of machinery:

• Heavy duty motor oil
• Hydraulic oils and fluids
• Industrial oils
• Automotive oils
• Heating oil

Competitive Pricing so You Can Run your Kalamazoo Home, Business or Farm Efficiently

You can schedule your future deliveries- give us a call about our delivery options. In a hurry? No problem. We offer emergency services to make sure you never run out of gas!